​The SoothieQ was Invented by Esthetician and Acne Specialist Susan Lujan. It all began in Susan's Skin Care Clinic 

where she specialized in helping those dealing with Acne-Prone Skin. Teens and Adults would come to her for help 

with their problem skin after everything else they tried, failed to get them clear. The Clear Skin System Susan used

has a high success rate for those who are committed to following it diligently. Along with using highly effective

products formulated specifically for acne-prone skin; daily home care regimens always included applying Cold 

Therapy to inflamed pimples everyday. This is an important step in Acne Control and Management and the reason

is four-fold; Icing helps reduce inflammation, soothes the pain associated with Inflamed Acne, helps to shorten the

duration of a breakout, and lastly, Icing the affected area before applying topical Acne Products actually helps active

ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) work much more effectively in the pore. 

Clients would be sent home with mini paper cups to fill with water and freeze for the purpose of Icing Breakouts.

But getting them to commit to Icing daily was a challenge. They did not like dealing with messy melting ice or cold

fingers while icing, or the fact that Icing was just plain inconvenient!

Wanting to make Icing easier and more convenient for her Clients, Susan invented the SoothieQ and gave one to each of her Clients to try out. No longer did they need to deal with Cold Fingers or Messy Melting Ice! SoothieQ made icing so much easier and convenient. When short

on time but needing to Ice they could simply grab their SoothieQ on the way out the door in the morning and Ice Breakouts on the way to work

or school and even right over their Makeup too! Everyone fell in love with this unique little Ice Therapy Tool!

Finally having an Icing Tool that was easy to use and convenient, Clients were willing to Ice more often and were getting better results! Icing daily, along with doing their home care regimens, they were finding that Breakouts would be shorter in duration and many times they could stop a breakout in it's tracks, by using their SoothieQ right away along with a topical spot-treatment product.

​​The SoothieQ 'Name' is unique too! The idea for the name came from Susan's Daughter, Jennifer, who as an ex-acne sufferer knows first hand how soothing and effective icing is for breakouts. Jennifer gave SoothieQ its unique name for the Soothing, Quick, relief it gives not only to Inflamed Pimples; but Puffy Eyes, Bee Stings, Insect Bites, after Facial Waxing Procedures and so many other Skin Inflammations too. 

Clients, Friends, Family and Fellow Acne Specialists all fell in love with the SoothieQ for it's many unique features. You will love the SoothieQ too, not only because it's the Perfect Solution for giving Soothing, Quick relief to a multiple of Skin Inflammations, but also because it's Safe, Easy to use, and so Convenient! You will love the SoothieQ too!   

​​​The Story Behind this Unique Ice Therapy Tool

SoothieQ  - "Soothing Quick"

Susan Lujan, LE

SoothieQ Creator