An Acne Specialist can help you get Clear!  

You don't need to deal with Acne on your own. Seek out the help of a State Licensed Esthetician who Specializes in helping those who are dealing with Acne-prone skin. Acne Specialists are specifically trained and educated in Acne and are expert in addressing your problem skin. They know and understand exactly what you are going through. 

Acne Specialists know what it takes to get your skin clear without the use of prescription drugs and will teach you how to control your acne so you can maintain clear skin. They have access to state-of-art; high quality products formulated specifically for acne-prone skin and free of Comedogenic Ingredients.

As your Personal Skin Care Coach, Acne Specialists are dedicated to guiding you one-on-one through the clearing process every step of the way helping you to achieve the clear skin you desire and deserve! 

If you are dealing with Acne please do not hesitate to get help. There is hope, you can get your problem skin under control again!


Just about every​ one of us has had the experience of looking into the mirror and seeing a giant Zit seemingly come from out of nowhere and appear on our face, and always at the absolute worse time!

For those 'occasional' one or two breakouts, spot-treating with a topical acne product and applying Ice Therapy will take care of it. And if caught early, these two measures alone will stop the bugger dead in its tracks. 

However, if you find yourself dealing continually with breakouts, more than just the 'occasional' one or two pimples you need to do more than simply Spot-treat each pimple individually. Spot-treating alone in this situation, is not the solution for getting and staying clear. You need to treat your 'entire' face daily, with the correct products, used in the correct way along with Icing and Spot-treating, or you will just continue to do battle with Acne. 

Ice Pimples- WHY?

When you have an angry, Inflamed pimple, you want the pain, swelling, redness and inflammation gone. You want to Ice It. Icing a pimple with SoothieQ is the first step for getting it calmed down fast. 

So is there anything else I can do to get rid of a pimple fast?

YES! Spot-treat pimples after applying Ice Therapy with your SoothieQ and you will get better results. You will notice Pimples clear up much Faster!

CLICK HERE to learn HOW TO GET RID OF A PIMPLE FAST and what products work best for spot-treating.

 The perfect Ice Therapy Tool for soothing Inflamed Acne Breakouts 

 The perfect Mini Cold Compress for soothing Tired, Puffy Eyes

But that's not all---

SoothieQ also works great for soothing and calming a Bee Sting, Insect Bite, Minor Cut, Bump, Abrasion and is perfect for soothing skin with Facial Waxing Services, Cosmetics Injections and more!

SoothieQ is the perfect size for icing small areas and is Safe, Convenient, Easy to use and easy to take care of. 

CLICK HERE to learn HOW TO USE SoothieQ.

More About SoothieQ

​Dealing with more than just an 'occasional' Pimple?

Spot-treating a Pimple after using SoothieQ will help get rid of it FASTER!

​​​OH NO!  You have a special event coming up in just a few days and a BIG, Painful, Underground ZIt has just popped up on your Face. What do you do?

First, DON'T PICK that Pimple!

Grab your SoothieQ and ICE IT!

SoothieQ is your Best Friend and Secret Weapon Pimple Fighter when you have one of these angry pimples. 

CLICK HERE to learn about THE BENEFITS OF ICING PIMPLES and WHY you want to start Icing a an Inflamed Pimple right away. .

SoothieQ - the PERFECT SOLUTION for soothing a multiple of skin inflammations!