How to do Facial Icing with SoothieQ

After cleansing and toning skin; to beautifully hydrate the skin and assist in gliding SoothieQ over the skin simply put a dollop (about the size of a Lima Bean) of our Skin Quencher Hydrating Gel directly onto frozen SoothieQ and massage over entire face in a continuous circular motion. Use additional Gel as needed to treat entire face and for easy slip and glide. SoothieQ can be used frozen from the freezer or as a cold compress from the refrigerator.

​Follow with any serums or treatment products you are using then apply our Skin Soothing Moisturizer. In the AM always finish up with an application of Sun protection. Note: If you are using an acne treatment product containing the active ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide don't use moisturizer as it will prevent the BPO from doing its job. If more hydration is needed simply apply additional Skin Quencher Hydrating Gel. 

Fabulous Results!

​​Skin will be beautifully hydrated, soothed, calmed, and refreshed. Make Facial Icing a part of your daily routine and love the results! Best of all no dealing with messy, melting ice or cold fingers, and no need to time icing. SoothieQ lasts the perfect amount of time. Be sure to always clean your SoothieQ with hot water and cleanser, and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel after each use and before returning it to the Freezer. 

Use SoothieQ along with our

Skin Quencher Hydrating Gel and 

Skin Soothing Moisturizer for Fabulous Results. 


It's NO SECRET  that Facial Icing is fast becoming a popular morning and evening ritual for better looking skin and SoothieQ is perfect for this!

What are the Benefits of Facial Icing?

Facial Icing perfect for its anti-aging benefits. After Facial Icing skin feels calmed, refreshed and de-puffed. Pores appear more constricted, skin takes on a healthy glow, treatment products penetrate better, and makeup even seems to glide on better after Facial Icing.

The Ritual of Facial Icing - For Beautiful Skin!​

Add Facial Icing to your everyday skin care regimen for its Anti-aging Benefits. Using your SoothieQ for Facial Icing is safer and easier than using regular ice and it lasts the perfect amount of time.