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  • ​​​SoothieQ is Safe!  It contains No Glass or Toxic Chemicals and it won't break if dropped. 
  • No Cold Fingers while Icing! SoothieQ has an Easy Grip Handle.
  • No Messy Melting Ice! As the Ice melts it stays contained within a soft, well sealed Pouch.
  • 100% Pure Water always stays fresh and protected inside the Patented FlexiFreeze Pouch. 
  • Multiple-layered FlexiFreeze Water Pouch helps lessen the risk of ice burn, a big concern when using regular ice.
  • Easy and Convenient! You can grab SoothieQ and use it on-the-go without mess. It can even be used right over Face Makeup!
  • Economical! It's Re-freezable and reusable so you save water and money.

SoothieQ is made of Safe, Non-Toxic, Food-Grade Materials, contains 100% Pure Water and it's manufactured in the U.S.A.  Read More 


The Perfect Icing Tool


for pesky pimples, puffy eyes

and more!




SoothieQ's Unique Features

About the SoothieQ

NO Cold Fingers!

​​​​​​NO Messy Melting Ice!

SoothieQ is a re-freezable Ice Therapy Tool uniquely designed to give quick soothing relief to inflamed pimples, puffy eyes and a multiple of other skin inflammations. It's the perfect size for Icing small areas without having to deal with cold fingers or messy melting ice! 

You will especially love how much Safer, Easier, and more Convenient SoothieQ is to use than any other Icing Methods, so you will find yourself using it more often and that means, Better Results!  

​​​​Quickly Soothes, Cools, Calms!

Contains 100% Pure Water!

Got a Painful Pimple?  Got Tired, Puffy Eyes? SoothieQ is the Perfect Solution to get that Inflamed Pimple calmed down Fast and Soothe those Tired, Puffy Peepers! It's just the right size for Icing small areas. Works great for Bee Stings, Insect Bites, Minor Cuts, Bumps, after Facial Waxing Services and more!   Read More